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CBDD launched new web-site for B2B automotive industry users

CBDD launched new web-site for B2B automotive industry users
12 June 2018

Car Business Data Dynamics Ltd. (CBDD) launched a new web site: for B2B (corporate) industry users: car manufacturers, importers, distributors, automotive dealers & leasing companies.

CBDD introduces two innovative web applications:

·        Car Market Analyst Suite

·        Car Price Analyst Suite

the platform enables automotive companies to have a clear understanding of the market performance on country, region (city), segment, brand and model level. It allows industry decision makers to make precise and correct business decisions on car prices set up, specs. and wholesale orders and marketing activities planning.

“Early in 2007, we began to apply a unique approach toward analysis & product management” says Andrey Glembotsky, CBDD’s founder & CEO, “as a carline manager in OPEL Russia, our team and I started to analyze the local market while taking under consideration dozens of parameters dealing with sales history performance and cars prices & specs.

CBDD’s C.E.O, Mr. Andrey Glembotsky, gained more than 15 years’ of successful management experience in international automotive companies world wide in the domain of car marketing, product management and market analytics.

The information generated from the system assists in precise planning of the logistic system, helps reduce operational risk and dramatically improves business results.

CBDD web-applications

·        generate complete market reports within seconds (instead of day(s)),

·        eliminate human factor mistakes

·        Cloud-based app. with 24/7 tech support.


The CBDD online services are available in 88 countries worldwide.


Start growing your business today

 Automotive & Leasing companies can easily request Free Trial of CBDD Car Market Analyst Suite & or Car Price Analyst Suite on CBDD’s web-site:


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