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CBDD launched innovative Car Market Analyst Suite World wide

CBDD launched innovative Car Market Analyst Suite World wide
28 March 2018

CBDD launched innovative web application Car Market Analyst Suite in 88 countries.

CBDD’s Car Market Analyst Suite enables a car company to get a perfect snapshot of the current sales status at the car market. We produce groundbreaking analysis that presents clear and detailed data on the sales performance of any car model & brand out there and allows decision makers to layer the information according to the region in which they operate.

The ability to analyze big data in seconds enables much better understanding of your business environment and allows you to plan & execute better than ever before.  A well-rounded sales info can improve your business dramatically: it shows your audience preferences and gives you a priceless analysis which improve your pipeline managing.

Combined with our CBDD’s Price Analyst Suite, we present a complete information package that enables industry executives to base a robust business plan. Price Trend Analysis along with current sales performance helps to maintain your orders and inventory, understand market needs and build the right sales & marketing strategy.

CBDD’s Car Market Analyst Suite enables to generate market sales statistics reports on country level alongside with Regional Market Reports Segmented by cities.

Monthly Sales Diagram
Monthly Sales Diagram

Segment Dynamics

Segment Dynamics Diagram

Regional Market Shares
Regional Market Shares

Please, read more information about CBDD innovative web application on the service’s web page: Car Market Analyst Suite.

This service is available to automotive companies, leasing companies and banks on paid subscription basis with 30-days Free Trial.

Car Market Analyst Suite Area of Service

Full list of countries for which CBDD Market Analyst Suite is available is as following:

Argentina | Algeria | Azerbaijan | Bahrein | Bangladesh | Bolivia | China | Costa Rica | Croatia | Japan | Germany | Guatemala | Australia | Austria | Belgium | Belorussia | Brazil | Canada | Colombia | Chile | Czech Republic | Cyprus | Denmark | Dominican Republic | Ecuador | Egypt | Estonia | France | Finland | Greece | Honduras | Hungary | India | Italy | Iraq | Israel | Iceland | Ireland | Jordan | Kazakhstan | Kuwait | Latvia | Laos | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Malaysia | Mexico | Morocco | Namibia | Netherlands | New Zealand | Nicaragua | Norway | Oman | Peru | Singapore | Switzerland | Panama | Paraguay | Pakistan | Philippines | Poland | Portugal | Puerto Rico | Qatar | Russia | Saudi Arabia | South Africa| Serbia | South Korea | Spain | Sri Lanka | Slovak Republic | Slovenia | Sweden | Taiwan | Tajikistan | Thailand | Turkey | Tunisia | Turkmenistan | USA | UAE | UK | Ukraine | Uruguay | Uzbekistan & Vietnam.