Prices & Specs. Comparison (A-to-A)

analyst tool which enables automotive companies to increase market share, plan pipeline, sales, and marketing activities better & avoid costly mistakes

allows correct price positioning and improved negotiation capability with manufacturers

unique CBDD's database of average market values for > 170 car specs parameters for 12 segments for 88 countries

Cloud based web application which enables constant up-to-date data along with 24/7 tech support.

An Apple-to-Apple car value analysis (price & specs. comparison) needs to be conducted on cars from a one segment, alongside with more or less similar equipment (specs.) and price level.

However, different cars in the same sector carry a wide range of specs. And engines.

We perform car comparison by using average market values of >170 cars’ specs & price parameters. for 12 segments in 88 countries.

Our Car’s A-to-A Value reports ensures accurate business strategy set-up.

Apple-to-Apple Diagram
Apple-to-Apple Diagram
A-to-A Car Value Analysis Results Table
A-to-A Car Value Analysis Results Table