Car Price Analyst Suite

our web-based Cars’ Price Analyst Suite enables a clear
vision of cars’ price positioning and delivers precise information
on Cars’ List Price & Transaction Indexes along with a complete
comparison of prices & specifications.

Rapidly changing market trends, new competitors entering the game and macroeconomic fluctuations are affecting the automotive industry and require industry executives to respond quickly to changes taking place.

Diagram No 1. "R.O.I. cycle (Investment, Production & Logistics, Sales & Income)" of an automotive company
Diagram No 1. “R.O.I. cycle (Investment, Production & Logistics, Sales & Income)” of an automotive company

Car importers and distributors deal with the ongoing management of a rather complex operation. Issues such as appropriate inventory management, logistical challenges and implementation of a sales and marketing methodology, constitute a multi-channel activity base that requires constant market research.

Partial or inaccurate market data may cause a substantial financial loss and additional expense due to additional logistical challenges.

CBDD’s Car Price Analyst Suite (web application) presents car market’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in a precise, concise and convenient way.

CBDD Car Price Analyst Suite enables car company management to ensure correct price positioning vs. competition.

It allows managers to make accurate decisions about pricing, pipeline planning, sales strategy and planning marketing activities.

Apple-to-Apple Diagram
Apple-to-Apple Car Value Analysis Diagram

Apple-to-Apple Car Value Analysis diagram shows the List Price or Transaction Price indexes & Prices of car models. The benchmark model is in the first place from the left.

The A-t0-A (prices & specs. comparison) Diagram is a proven and efficient tool to analyze price positioning of the car version (model) vs. the market and is used for setting up prices of cars, repositioning of prices, planning customer incentives.

Apple-to-Apple Analysis diagrams for many years have been proven tool and a basis of price negotiations between car manufacturers and distributors/importers.


A-to-A Car Value Analysis Results Table
A-to-A Car Value Analysis Results Table

CBDD Car Price Analyst Suite Advantages

  • analyst tool which enables automotive companies to increase market share, plan pipeline, sales, and marketing activities better & avoid costly mistakes
  • allows correct price positioning and improved negotiation capability with manufacturers
  • unique CBDD’s database of average market values for > 170 car specs parameters for 12 segments for 88 countries
  • Cloud based web application which enables constant up-to-date data along with 24/7 tech support

Our one of a kind research methodology provides the most comprehensive insights about the industry in a matter of seconds.

Car companies invest considerable resources in trying to segment relevant information. We present our customers with an accurate comparison between the various models and provide a perfect picture of the car market in seconds. Our web application enables data segmentation according to countries and cities while considering robust historical information.