Total Market Monthly Report

Comprehensive and clear overview of the car market perfomance on national level with breakdown by segments, brands, models

A proven useful tool for car top managers and experts to make correct and precise decisions on pipe-line planning, car pricing and marketing

is generated automatically wihin a few seconds (instead of days), huge economy of work time of analyst and enables to avoid human mistakes

Cloud based web application which enables constant up-to-date data along with 24/7 tech support

Combined with our CBDD’s Price Analyst Suite, we present a complete information package that enables industry executives to base a robust business plan.

CBDD’s Car Market Analyst Suite enables to generate market sales statistics reports on country level alongside with Regional Market Reports Segmented by cities.

Our detailed reports give you comprehensive sales performance information in seconds and just saves you time and money. The information we produce is continuously updated and allows you to receive quick updates that help you run things smoothly.

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Total Market Report J SUV Med Large

Total Market Monthly Report gives a concise and clear overview of the market & segment performance vs. brands and models performance as well as sales statistics, market shares and their dynamics.

It enables automotive companies top managers and experts to have a comprehensive overview on the market at one glance in a convenient way and to make correct and precise managerial decisions on planning of pipeline (WS production orders), sales and marketing activities.

Better understanding of the market & improvement of decision making process enables automotive companies to increase their market share, sales and avoid costly product orders planning mistakes.

Cars Segments Dynamics Diagram

Car Market Monthly Retail Sales Diagram