Regional Report

An innovative market analytics tool which enables automotive companies to analize brand's perfomance on regional level

Enables to spot immediately regions (cities) which underperfom and to take nessary business improvement procedures

generated automatically within a few seconds (instead of days), huge benefit in working time and enables to avoid human factor mistakes

Cloud based web application which enables constant up-to-date data along with 24/7 tech support

CBDD’s Regional reports give you an overview of the market and brands’ performance with breakdown by cities alongside with the brands’ market shares breakdown by cities.

These reports enable automotive companies experts & decision makers to spot immediately the regions/cities which underperform vs. the average brand’s performance in the country and to implement business development measures to boost sales in these areas.

Regional Report. Regions' / Cities' Market Shares Table
Regional Report. Regions’ / Cities’ Market Shares Table


Regional Report. Benchmark Cities
Regional Report. Benchmark Cities