Detailed Regional Report

comprehensive & clear overview of the car market performance on regional (city) level with breakdown by segments, brands & models

A proven useful tool for automotive top managers & experts to make correct and precise decisions on pipe-line planning, car pricing & marketing

is generated automatically within a few seconds (instead of days), huge economy of work time of analyst & enables to avoid human mistakes

Cloud based web application which enables constant up-to-date data along with 24/7 tech support

Detailed Regional Report gives comprehensive car market overview with breakdown to segments, brands and models for each city / region

This report is essential to analyze market performance and plan business development on regional level.

Car Market Analyst Suite enables to generate Regional Detailed Reports fully automatically within a few seconds (instead of days) which enables a huge benefit in analyst work time (saving literally months of work time).

Regional Detailed Report
Regional Detailed Report


Cars Segments Dynamics Diagram


Car Market Monthly Retail Sales Diagram