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Become a CBDD’s Franchisee

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Car Business Data Dynamics’ (CBDD’s) Franchisee.

  1. How to Become a CBDD’s Master Franchisee/Franchisee:
    1. please, contact CBDD HQ Sales Dept. (fill in the form in Contact us web page) to receive additional information on CBDD’s Franchise Agreement and all corresponding data.
    2. A CBDD’s New Business Development Manager will connect with you shortly to help answer any questions on evaluation of the local market, Franchisee Agreement, CBDD requirements and procedures and learn more about how your BSS goals may align with ours.
  2. Introduction
    1. Whereas        The Franchisor has acquired experience and know-how in the management and operation of a platform which allows User to use CBDD Data (data of cars specifications, cars’ prices, car market surveys and business training material)   at and
    2. Whereas        The Franchisor is contracting with the Master Franchisee for the purpose of operating a chain of Platforms which allow users to buy access to CBDD IT systems via CBDD web site: and and enable to sell its web applications under the trademark in the Franchised Territory (hereinafter: “the Territorial CBDD Chain”); and
    3. Whereas        The Franchisor has full rights in the trademarks “Car Business Data Dynamics” (as put in the Exhibit F) and and, as well as the valuable reputation and goodwill associated therewith (hereinafter: the Proprietary Rights” and/or “the Trademarks”, as applicable); and
    4. Whereas         The Master Franchisee wish to obtain from the Franchisor a franchise to use the Proprietary Rights in the Franchised Territory, subject to, and in accordance with, the terms of this Agreement (hereinafter: “the Franchise”. The Master Franchisee and the Individuals acknowledge that they had conducted their own and independent research with regard to the business, the economic feasibility of the business described in this Agreement before committing them self under this Agreement; and
    5. Whereas        The Franchisor agrees to grant said franchise to the Master Franchisee, subject to the terms specified hereunder;
  3. Definitions:
    1. “Sub Franchise”: a franchise that will be given by the Master Franchisee in the Territory. “The Franchisor”: CAR BUSINESS DATA DYNAMICS LTD. and/or its representatives and/or agents. “The Master Franchisee” or “MF”: as defined above.
    2. “The Individuals” or “The MF individuals”: ____________, ____________ and ___________.
    3. “The Franchise”: the operation of access to CBDD IT systems via CBDD web site: and and enable to sell its web applications under the trademark in the Territory while using the Proprietary Rights.
    4. “Company”: as defined in Section 6.3 hereunder (Please, see CBDD Franchisee Agreement).
    5. “The Proprietary Rights”: as defined above. (Please, see CBDD Franchisee Agreement)
    6. “The Trademark”: as defined above. (Please, see CBDD Franchisee Agreement)
    7. “The Franchisees”: Franchisees that will purchase sub-franchise rights from the Master Franchisee to operate within
    8. “The Territorial CBDD Chain”: as defined above. (Please, see CBDD Franchisee Agreement)
    9. “The Territory” or “Franchised Territory”: as defined in Annexure B to this AGREEMENT. (Please, see CBDD Franchisee Agreement)
    10. “Initial Franchise Fee”: as defined in Section 3 hereunder (Please, see CBDD Franchisee Agreement).
    11. “Royalty Fees”: as defined in Section 22.1 hereunder, to be paid by the Franchisee to the Master Franchise. (Please, see CBDD Franchisee Agreement)
    12. “The Commencement Date”: _____________. (Please, see CBDD Franchisee Agreement)
    13. “CBDD’s Services” – Car Business Data Dynamics SaaS services provided as software: Car Market Analyst Suite, Car Price Analyst Suite
  4. Territories in which Car Business Data Dynamics (CBDD) is looking for Master Franchisees & Franchisees: China | United States | Japan | Germany | UK | Australia | Austria | Belgium | Brazil | Canada | Chile | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia | France | Finland | Greece | Hungary | India | Italy |  Iceland | Ireland | Latvia | Luxembourg | Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Switzerland | Poland | Portugal | South Korea | Spain | Slovak Republic | Slovenia | Sweden & Turkey.
  • Target audience: Entrepreneurs, legal entities with experience in automotive or leasing business, market analytics or High-Tech (preferably in automotive Internet BSS) who want to be a CBDD’s Master Franchisee / Franchisee and distribute CBDD’s services in the region or country.
  • Requirements:
    1. Legal Entity
    2. Top management with at least 5 years experience in automotive wholesale business, automotive leasing or High-Tech.
    3. Three recommendation letters from BSS partners, clients (companies)
    4. Three Guarantors
    5. Recommendation letter from the Bank
    6. No history of bankruptcy
  • Find a CBDD BSS Partner / Franchisee 

We’re looking forward to making you a part of the CBDD’s Franchisees community.