About Car Business Data Dynamics

The automotive market is amid a fascinating era of revolutionary changes. Hybrid cars, free transportation, Artificial Intelligence and the use
of green energy are fundamentally changing the face of the industry and dictating an overwhelming pace and
With such a variety of choice, Car’s manufacturers and distributors are facing a real challenge, one that requires a comprehensive market
CBDD’s web-based application will present car market’s Key Performance Indicators in a precise, concise and convenient way.
It allows managers to make accurate decisions on pricing, pipeline planning, cars’ wholesale orders and marketing activities based on solid
analytics ground.
Our innovative Analyst Suites enables easy access to cross-sectional analysis and allow car industry professionals to establish
a long-lasting and proven business strategy.

Result Oriented Service

Manufacturers, importers, and distributors in the car industry are required to Conduct market analysis on a regular basis. they need a complete understanding of trends and needs among target audiences in various markets. This analysis is the cornerstone of their sales & marketing strategy and has long-term economic implications.
Alongside with in-depth study of decision-enhancing data, we provide consulting services regarding marketing and sales methodology. Manufacturers, importers and car distributors use our robust solutions to streamline cross-organizational processes, Leading to improved business results.

Our Innovation, Your R.O.I.

“Early in 2007, we began to apply a unique approach toward analysis & product management” says Joshua (Andrey) Dolginov Glembotsky, CBDD’s founder & CEO, “as a carline manager in OPEL Russia, our team and I started to analyze the local market while taking under consideration dozens of parameters dealing with sales history performance and cars prices & specs.
We managed to implement a new cars sales and marketing methodology according to our research findings, and the results were overwhelming. In just one year we increased sales by 49% and grow our market share by 31%”.

"Table No. 1. Economical effect of implementation of carline management based on comprehensive Car Value & Market analytics methodology* by J.A. Dolginov Glembotsky, CBDD CEO (2007CY, Opel)"

Our Team

Three years ago, we started to create a breakthrough interface, one that will make the automotive industry decision-making process faster and smarter than ever before.
CBDD CEO has more than 15 years’ of successful management experience in international automotive companies world wide in the domain of car marketing, product management and market analytics.
427 447** cars of different brands were sold World wide successfully under the carline management of CBDD CEO generating hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue to automotive companies.
Years of experience and knowledge have been translated into an advanced information system that produces in seconds a comprehensive analysis of the global automotive industry. Car Market Analyst Suite & Car Price Analyst Suite available Worldwide to automotive executives who want to grow their businesses.
We are using advanced cloud-based computing solutions, developed by leading experts in the Israeli high-tech industry.

** Table No. 2 New Passenger cars & LCVs sold under
the management of J.A. Dolginov Glembotsky, CBDD's CEO

CBDD office address & contact information:

Address: Bialik str. 39 Ordea Tower, Ramat Gan, 5246105, Israel

Telephone: (+972) 053 336 28 85

CBDD Reg. No. 515142628

Bialik str. 39 Ordea Tower, Ramat Gan, 5246105, Israel

(+972) 053 336 28 85

CBDD Reg. No. 515142628